• How to get a shop

    Click at the top Right Top “my account”

    Get a shop

    Fill the form according to your information and it’s done

  • Get a business

    Go to “my account” right top corner

    Get a business

    Full fill all required information and click “submit”

  • S/B Login

    From here you can login to your Business and shop

    Click at s/b login.
    Provide your user name.
    Click log in.

  • Shop outlet

    It’s a place where all admins activities will be available at first bar there will be name of shop after there will be a big banner this banner will be uploaded by owner it can be Visiting card or shop logo or any thing

  • Products

    It’s a place where your all products will be for selling to customers thy will click “buy product ” and it will be added to His/her cart

  • Images

    This page in shop will show shops “inside view” upload by admin/shop owner by clicking it you can see in detail inside shop

  • Add board

    Its a place where owner uploaded all his adds of shop or anything he want to sellbut will be dds here

  • Job

    The owner will upload here jobs for his shop or his business so that user can see here and upload his CV to the shop owners

  • Latest news

    It’s a place where all the news and offers are available upload by owner like 20% off today .owner is at holidays etc

  • Main page

    At main page there are following option will be and their discription is below

  • Cart

    Cart is use to check or see order for guest user he can see theire purchases orders

  • Categories

    In Categories user can see shop of that Categories and by clicking a shop he can Vist to specific shop

  • Future product

    future is use to see some recent upload product from last week uploaded by any shop keeper or business owners (Their latest product less then a week) more then a week will mov to “All products” by clicking “All products” a new page will be open at taht user can see all products from Businesses and shopssimply by just scroll down

  • Approved shops

    In this function user will see all approved shop by daric and by clicking on “All shops” user can see all shop approved or non-approved and user can visit them By clicking at any Random shop

  • Approved business

    In this user can see all approved business from darictrade.com (these will be verify by daricdrade.com by submitting their Docoments ) and by clicking on “All business” user can see all business approved or non-approved

  • Popular

    In this option user can see all popular shop that has best sell and best services history by clicking all user can see all shop good and normal rating

  • Guest user

    Those user who will buy products can see there details of product and all information from review order here first you need to sign up after that next time user can login and continue order it can be without Guest user simply just fill all info after adding in to cart and an email will be there for you to verify ordor if its correct then wait for ordor or currect your info by calling the owner Those product who cannot be able to add to cart will give you message to contact with seller with below number or details You need to Mail or call owner of business or shop. For more information you have our email and contact number(below at the bottom of main page) feel free to call have a good day