Usb Arcade Tekken7 PC Usb Arcade Joystick gamepad for Tekken 7 PC [Model: CRTT7]

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1.5-meter USB cable
USB plug and play
Body Material: MDF+Leminated Sticker
Buttons: China Imported (Multi-Color)
Handle: China Imported (Multi-Color)
Weight: 2.3kg
Anti-Slipped rubber supports
Supporting Platforms:  PS3, Windows, and Android Mobiles
Dimensions: 381mm * 254mm * 50.8mm
Package Includes: 1x Joystick Specially designed for Takken 7 and all other fighting games
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This is a PC joystick that works on PS3 consoles as well for fighting games only. It may not support other games which need thumbstick input like GTA V.This Joystick has both Direct Input (Dpad) and Analog input. It supports Tekken 7, Street fighter, KOF out of the box. This josytick needs no extra software. just Plug it and enjoy.