joyArcade PC Usb Arcade Joystick gamepad for Play station 3, Windows and Android Mobile [Model: RRTP3]

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Interface: 1 meter USB cable
Driver: USB plug and play
Body Material: MDF + Leminated sticker
Weight: 2.2 kg
Supporting Platforms: Play Station 3, Windows and Android
Dimensions: 30cm * 23cm * 7cm
Package Includes: 1x Joystick 10 buttons
Support all games like KOF97, Takken 7 etc
Durable, Soft buttons with best gaming performance
This joystick works with every PC game but some games which required direct input like takken 7 needs to install a software. x360ce can be used to make it work with these type of games. The tutorial is available on our YouTube channel