PC Usb Arcade joystick Gamepad (Handle SANWA Copy) for Play station 3, Windows and Android. Mobiles {Model: YRTP3]

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1 meter USB cable
 USB plug and play
Body Material: MDF + Leminated Sticker
Buttons: Soft Zippy Switch
Handle: SANWA style
Weight: 2.3kg
Anti Slipper Rubber
Supporting Platforms: Play station 3, Windows and Android
Dimensions: 30'' * 23'' * 7''
Package Includes: 1x Joystick 10 buttons
Support All Games
Soft buttons with best gaming performance

This is a PC joystick that works on PS3 Consoles as well for fighting games only. It does not support other games that need thumb stick input like GTA V, etc at all.