SALjoyArcade PS4 Usb Arcade joystick gamepad (Handle SANWA copy) for PlayStation 4, PlayStation, Windows and Android Mobiles [Model: YRTP4]

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Interface: 1m Usb Cable
Driver: No driver required
Platforms: Playstation 4, Playstation3, Windows and Android
Body: MDF + Leminated Sticker
Buttons: Soft Zippy Switch
Handle: SANWA copy
Genre: All Fighting games
Dimensions: 30cm* 23cm* 7cm
Weight: 2.3kg
Package: 1x Joystick
Soft, Durable buttons which give you best performance


This is a PS4 joystick that works on fighting games only. It does not support other games that need thumbstick input like GTA V, etc at all.

It is actually PS4 joystick but it can support PS5 console as well for PS4 generation games only.