joyArcade SANWA COPY PS4 Usb Arcade joystick Gamepad for PS4, PS3, Windows and Android Mobiles [Model: YSTP4]

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Interface: 1 meter USB cable
Driver: USB plug and play
Body Material: Wood (MDF + Lminited sticker)
Buttons: SANWA copy
Handle: SANWA copy
Weight: 2.2kg
04 Anti Slipper Rubber
Supporting Platforms: PS4, PS3, Windows, and Android Mobiles
Dimensions: 30'' * 23'' * 7''
Package Includes: 1x Joystick
Support All fighting Games
Soft buttons with the best gaming performance

This is an Arcade joystick that supports all fighting games like Tekken 7, KOF, Street Fighter, etc and it doesn't support other games that need thumbstick input like GTA V at all.

It is actually PS4 joystick but it can support PS5 console as well for PS4 generation games only.